When Litigation Becomes Necessary

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When legal action is taken by one party against another in a court of law, it is said that litigation has begun. The processes involved when dealing with lawsuits can be very time-consuming and very complicated. Cases can sometimes be brought to an agreeable end with the parties of a suit before said cases ever reach a courtroom; but other times, the legal matter must be taken to court for a hearing to determine the final outcome.

Real estate transactions can involve many varying aspects that are totally unfamiliar to the participants, and there are times when complexity can force such matters into a legal dispute. Of course, it is hopeful that a mutually agreeable remedy can be found without the need for litigation. However, an experienced attorney’s wisdom and legal knowledge in times like this can mean the difference between the successful outcome of a real estate transaction or a disastrous loss of property.

It is vitally important to know one’s legal rights before proceeding in a transaction that has long term consequences. Fortunately, if residents of southern Florida find themselves in need of legal services in the areas of commercial real estate, residential real estate, condominium law or litigation, there is a law firm available with a proven track record. Floridians may contact the law offices of Hiller Law, P.A.

Other areas of focus for this firm concern condominiums and construction law. After serving for nearly four years on a condominium board, Mr. Hiller became very knowledgeable about the ways these associations function and the collections involved. He is also familiar with defending condominium owners against the accusations of such associations. Additionally, for almost nine years, construction law issues ranging from payment bond claims and lien foreclosures to preparing construction contracts have been handled by this office.

Whether the person seeking legal assistance is a general contractor, developer, condominium owner, or participant in a real estate transaction, when the need for legal advice or representation arises, it is advisable to choose a qualified, experienced representative who can give the legal representation needed and help ensure that all rights are protected.

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